Custom Scarf Order

$20.00 USD - $120.00 USD

Tell me what you like! Please choose from a simple scarf, circle scarf, cowl, thick scarf, or blanket scarf. I will contact you with a picture of the color selected for approval before construction.

Please indicate whether you prefer wool or acrylic yarn in the comments, and describe in detail the color(s) you would like. Be descriptive as possible and feel free to send me an inspiration picture to dccrochets@gmail.con
Pictured: simple scarf, circle scarf, thick scarf, and circle scarf

*Simple scarves are usually hip length and may contain ribbing or special stitching at my creative discretion
Cowl Scarf- *12inches tall slides over head to fit around neck
Circle Scarf- or Infinity Scarf, scarf that slides over head to hang around neck, can be doubled, up to 2feet long
Thick Scarf- 6 feet long, chunky scarf for extra comfort and warmth
Extra-Long Scarf- floor length, light weight scarf
Blanket scarf- floor length, chunky scarf