Custom Show Designs

Coming soon $100.00 USD

Looking for designs that will stand OUT in your show? You’ve come to the right place. I will work with you to customize unique pieces designed to highlight each model and make everyone say WOW.
Pictured: Torch Dance Co 2019 Showcase

**must book at least 4 months before show (6 months before show for 20 models)

We will need to schedule a consultation meeting and at least 2 fittings prior to the show date.

Package Options:

Basic- up to 20 models, up to 3 styles, up to 3 colors.

Dccrochets Glam- up to 20 models, unique styles, unique colors. #WearMyArt

Borrowed option- up to 20 models, already created collections. Items must be returned at the end of the show day.